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An immersion into the life of a couple seeking the most respectful path to giving birth to their children. Being unaware of the topic of childbirth at the beginning of the story, the film traces their journey until they choose free birth. This film is primarily a tribute to the creative power of women and love. It is an anthem dedicated to nature and its perfection. The film's objective is to showcase a simple and natural lifestyle and to make supervised home birth more accessible and respected by all. In this sense, the film is highly educational and contains a significant amount of information. It is also intended for future fathers as a tool to help them better understand their role during pregnancy and childbirth. It is a non-judgmental film that only presents facts, allowing each individual to draw their own personal conclusions.

A documentary reality film, available soon for FREE in French, Spanish, English, and Portuguese.

Length: 100 mn.

Shooted in HD with a Canon 5D

Here are other documentaries from the same family that we would recommend:

THE BUSINESS OF BEING BORN (2008) : "The Business of Being Born" is a documentary released in 2008, directed by Abby Epstein and produced by Ricki Lake. It explores the medical system of childbirth in the United States and sheds light on alternative options, particularly home birth. The film presents personal testimonies and factual information to encourage reflection on birth choices and promote a more natural and respectful approach to childbirth. A great classic, which was a revolution in its time, this documentary made many people think!

ORGASMIC BIRTH (2008) : "Orgasmic Birth" is a fascinating documentary that explores the concept of orgasmic birth, an experience where childbirth is accompanied by feelings of pleasure and ecstasy. Directed by Debra Pascali-Bonaro, this film offers a unique perspective on birth by showcasing women who have had this extraordinary experience. By emphasizing women's autonomy and recognizing the innate ability of the body to give birth, "Orgasmic Birth" provides an alternative and empowering outlook on childbirth. It inspires women to explore their own potential for a fulfilling and satisfying birth experience, celebrating the diversity of birth experiences and promoting a respectful and positive approach to childbirth.

O RENASCIMENTO DO PARTO (2013) : "El Renacimiento del Parto" (The Birth Reborn) is a Brazilian documentary directed by Eduardo Chauvet. This impactful film examines modern obstetric practices and highlights the need for a return to more respectful and natural childbirth experiences. The documentary follows the stories of several pregnant women who are seeking alternatives to medicalized births. It sheds light on the issues faced in hospitals, such as excessive medical interventions, unnecessary cesarean sections, lack of emotional support, and rigid routines that fail to consider the individual needs of laboring women.

THE FACE OF BIRTH (2012) : "The Face of Birth" is an Australian documentary released in 2012 that explores the various facets of childbirth and highlights the advantages and challenges of home birth. Directed by Kate Gorman and Gavin Banks, this film gives a voice to women, midwives, and doctors to share their experiences and perspectives on birth. The documentary also examines the challenges faced by women who choose home birth, including social pressures, medical biases, and concerns about safety. It addresses safety issues in a balanced manner and presents current scientific data to inform the discussion.

Interesting readings on home birth:

MI PARTO EN CASA (Emilio Bastida – 2020) : The goal of this book is to serve as a guide for those who have decided to have a home birth or to help make the decision, whether it be at home or in a hospital setting. It will also be useful for those seeking a professionally supported and respectful birth experience in a hospital setting. Throughout the book, real home birth stories are shared. These testimonials, in the words of those who experienced them, bring you closer to the most sincere, transparent, and authentic reality of what a home birth in Spain is like. In addition to that, the information provided on home birth, referenced scientific evidence, and the author's personal experience will help you navigate the final decision of where you will have one of the most incredible experiences of your life.

PARIR EN CASA (LAIA CASADEVALL – 2022) : The purpose of this book is to bring you closer to the current reality of home birth in our context. It aims to break free from prejudices and myths and show you what home birth truly entails. Home birth may be a minority option, but the healthcare system should consider it as a right. Despite the efforts of healthcare institutions to humanize childbirth, to attempt the demedicalization of the process and eliminate unnecessary interventions, there will always be women who choose home birth as their first option. Because, ultimately, it is not just about scientific evidence or recommendations, but about desires and a sense of security. Every woman should give birth in the environment where she feels the safest.

FREEBIRTH (SARAH SCHMID – 2015) : Having a baby, just like that? Without a hospital, midwife, or instructions to push? Sometimes babies are born before the midwife arrives, and when that happens, everyone involved is usually happy that everything went well despite the absence of professionals. But how does it work for women who consciously decide to have a "freebirth," also known as unassisted birth, and refuse prenatal care and conventional monitoring by birth professionals? Sarah Schmid explains how to make autonomous birth a joyful experience. She also addresses important questions regarding taking responsibility for one's own pregnancy and childbirth.

NAISSANCES MERVEILLEUSES (OPHÉLIE CÉLIER & THOMAS PIET – 2022) : Giving birth. Welcoming a baby. Experiencing the greatest of emotions. For each individual, a unique moment. For all, a universal connection. Rediscovering the magic of birth. Ophélie Celier and Thomas Piet, concerned with revaluing childbirth, have decided to rediscover this magnificent moment and give voice to all parents, allowing them to share "their" birth stories. Sharing childbirth in a positive way. Forty particularly moving narratives have been selected from hundreds of testimonies from parents who have just brought their child into the world. Some simply describe the emotion of their first encounter with the baby, while others evoke unique childbirth conditions in the intimacy of their homes or in emergency situations in their cars... 

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